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  • Not every customer is the same, so we don’t treat you like a number. We like to analyse the numbers in your business to understand how you use your phone and internet services. This way we can recommend the products and services that will increase your businesses productivity, and give you true value for money. When you’re looking at our pricing, always remember we are flexible with our pricing when looking at your whole of service bill. We like to make sure you have a value for money solution that increases productivity in your business. What are some examples of how we are flexible on prices?

    • New hardware such as modems, routers, IP phones, cordless headsets, switches;
    • Installation fees and charges;
    • Monthly Access Fees and ongoing service charges;
    • Plan inclusions such as calls, data, or new hardware such as a modem; and
    • Call rates

    So, if you would like to discuss pricing, get in touch through our Contact Page and we will be happy to look at your circumstances.

Business Fixed Phone Line Plans

Cable & Cloud provide great value traditional fixed phone lines perfect for small to medium businesses. With a number of plans available, you can be assured you will only ever pay for what you need, keeping your communication costs low. It is important to note when the new National Broadband Network (NBN) rolls out across Australia, traditional phone services will require an upgrade. Cable & Cloud are experienced in the upgrade process and will notify your business when the NBN is available in your local area, working with your business to manage the upgrade
process from start to finish. Cable & Cloud fixed phone line plans offer competitive call rates, per second billing on timed calls and low flag-fall charges. With an Australian based customer care centre equipped with highly trained technical support staff, you will never be without your questions answered. Please find our indicative pricing plans below, and if you would like us to review your current services and tailor a package to suit your business usage, click on the Want to Talk Price button.

Pricing Options


per month


Total Minimum Cost
(Over 3 months, not including installation fee)

  • Local Calls - 15c / min
  • National Calls - 10c / min
  • Mobile Calls - 30c / min
  • 13/1300 – 44c / call
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    per month


    Total Minimum Cost
    (Over 12 months, not including installation fee)

  • Local Calls - Included
  • National Calls - Included
  • Mobile Calls - 25c / min
  • 13/1300 – 44c / call
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    per month


    Total Minimum Cost
    (Over 24 months, not including installation fee)

  • Local Calls - Included
  • National Calls - 8.8 / min
  • Mobile Calls - 22c / min
  • 13/1300 – 44c / call
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    The Fine Print

    1. All prices quoted are inc GST 2. Total Minimum commitment for Business FW35 Plan is $35 over a 1 month minimum term, Total Minimum commitment for Business FW45 Plan is $540.00 over a 12 month minimum term and Total Minimum commitment for Business ISDN2 Plan is $1896.00 over a 24 month minimum term. 3. Offer only available to customers who take up full service fixed line (including long distance and calls to mobile services). 4. When a Month by month term is selected, it is a requirement that you pay your bill on the due date via direct debit. If you have selected a 12 or 24 month term, the direct debit payment requirement is optional and you may pay your account with any of the available payment methods noted on your monthly account, note Post Bill Pay incurs a charge of $3.30. 5. Early Termination Fee: Should you cancel your Plan on any service, you will be charged an early Termination Fee. The Early Termination Fee will be calculated as your monthly access fee multiplied by the months remaining in your contract term. 6. All Fixed wire services are covered by the Customer Service Guarantee Standard. Please refer to our Customer Service Guarantee Policy for details on the CSG Standard. 7. Plans are available to both PSTN and IDSN fixed wire services. Please refer to our Standard Form of Agreement for terms of use on fixed wire products. 8. When we supply you a Basic Telephone Service that is a business service on the business plan, you must use the service in accordance with the following reasonable use policy: on average, 95% of Local Calls and National Calls made from your service last no more than an hour. We can collect information and investigate whether you are complying with the reasonable use policy. If we find that you aren’t, and you do not comply within 30 days of us telling you, we can change your service to bill at the rate of our FW35 Plan. This reasonable use policy is not intended to release the Company from any obligation it has under any applicable legislation. 9. You can only choose a business plan for services using the Telstra public switched telephone network (except private payphones, services with Call Diversion Number Only, Number Redirection and Corporate Virtual Network), or ISDN2 Services. 10. Dishonoured direct debit payments may incur a charge.

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