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  • Not every customer is the same, so we don’t treat you like a number. We like to analyse the numbers in your business to understand how you use your phone and internet services. This way we can recommend the products and services that will increase your businesses productivity, and give you true value for money. When you’re looking at our pricing, always remember we are flexible with our pricing when looking at your whole of service bill. We like to make sure you have a value for money solution that increases productivity in your business. What are some examples of how we are flexible on prices?

    • New hardware such as modems, routers, IP phones, cordless headsets, switches;
    • Installation fees and charges;
    • Monthly Access Fees and ongoing service charges;
    • Plan inclusions such as calls, data, or new hardware such as a modem; and
    • Call rates

    So, if you would like to discuss pricing, get in touch through our Contact Page and we will be happy to look at your circumstances.

1300 & 1800 Inbound

A 1300/1800 number is a fantastic choice for business, with many benefits. Providing the flexibility to have one number for multiple locations, Australia wide. Cable & Cloud deliver you control over how your number is directed, with the ability to route your calls to different departments or locations at different times of the day. Whether you are just starting out as a sole trader or run an established business, a 1300/800 number provides you with both flexibility and a professional presence. Offering a number of tailored plans to suit the requirements of any business, Cable & Cloud provide flexible routing options to ensure you receive your calls and faxes, when and where you need them. Now with even more functionality and a web portal to give you instant access to your inbound call reports and call records, as well as allowing you to update routing locations and methods. Take a look at the functionality that you can now have on a Cable & Cloud inbound number.
  • Web portal with real time controls
  • Conference Service
  • Network Call Queueing
  • Network Call Recording (PCI Compliant)
  • Network IVR
  • Area Based Routing
  • Multi-Call
  • Time of Day Controls
  • Audio Management (Whisper/Pre-connection Greetings etc.)
  • Network Voicemail
  • Missed Call Alerts
  • Fax to Email
  • Mid Call Transfer
  • Date/Caller Exceptions
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Live Call Reporting
Please find our indicative pricing plans below, and if you would like us to review your current services and tailor a package to suit your business usage, click on the Want to Talk Price button.

Pricing Options


per month


Total Minimum Cost
(12 months, including setup fee)

  • Local Calls - 11c / min
  • National Calls - 15c / min
  • Calls From Mobiles - 25c / min
  • Calls to Mobiles – 35c / call
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    per month p


    Total Minimum Cost
    (12 months, including setup fee)

  • Local Calls - 9.5c / min
  • National Calls - 12c / min
  • Calls From Mobiles - 22c / min
  • Calls to Mobiles – 27.5c / call
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    per month


    Total Minimum Cost
    (12 months, including setup fee)

  • Local Calls - 8c / min
  • National Calls - 10c / min
  • Calls From Mobiles - 20c / min
  • Calls to Mobiles – 25c / call
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    The Fine Print

    1. All prices are inclusive of GST. 2. Total minimum commitment over 12 months including $55.00 setup fee is $175 (IN10), $235 (IN15), $295 (IN20). 3. Early termination fee; if you choose to cancel your service or it is disconnected for any reason within the 12 month contract term you will be charged an early termination fee comprised of your minimum monthly commitment as per your agreement with us multiplied by the months remaining in your contract. 3. Government Levy is applicable to all 6-digit 13 numbers which incur a charge per month as per the Telecommunications (numbering charges) Act 1997, please refer to www.ACMA.gov.au for further information. 4. If you are porting your 13, 1300 or 1800 number to us, the porting of your service number will be conducted in accordance with the INMS business rules. 5. All porting is subject to the terms and conditions of the Agreement, you may port your service number if that service number is declared portable under the porting requirements legislation, administered by the applicable Regulator, and no exemption from such obligation has been granted. 6. If the service has been cancelled and you request us to reconnect, you are not guaranteed you will receive the same number. If you have acquired a number via an Auction site, you undertake to make sure that the Australian Communications and Media Authority Register, correctly reflects the details of your application. If there is any discrepancy, we may not be able to provide you a service on your auction number. 7. In using the service, you must comply with any rules imposed by any 3rd party, whose content network or services you access using the service or whose network your data traverses.

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