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What we offer

As your business grows, so does its communication requirements. What many business owners do not take into account when setting up a communications strategy, is what their business will require as it grows and adapts. Further, when contemplating expansion, it is important to know if the technology already implemented, can grow as the business does. Business growth can be a stressful time for a small business owner as there are many factors to consider. Let Cable & Cloud take the stress out of managing your communication product portfolio and ensure your business is equipped with the technology it needs.

The Benefits

Cable & Cloud’s business clients have the benefit of:

  • Dedicated Australian based support staff.
  • Scalability, allowing you to scale up or down as your business requires.
  • No ongoing maintenance contracts.
  • Automatic Hosted PBX system & Cloud Product upgrades.
  • Tailored packages unique to every customer. Cable & Cloud is not a one size fits all supplier. 

The Services

Cable & Cloud provides the following portfolio of communication products, which can be scaled according to the individual needs of your business.

Hosted PBX – Full PBX functionality without the cost, scalable, relocatable, and ideal for small & growing businesses.

Fixed Phone Line – Traditional phone line service. Pay only for what you use.

1300/1800 Inbound – A single phone number for your customers, Australia wide presence, and call routing options so you get your calls where you want, when you want.

NBN – Faster speeds, increased productivity, reap the benefits of the cloud.

Symmetrical Broadband - providing equal upload & download speeds with the option of unmetered and incontended services. Enterprise grade business broadband services will allow you to transform the way you do business, improving your staff productivity, and keeping you connected in an age when your internet connection is how your business does business.  

Cloud Products – Hosted PBX, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Fax to Email, Voicemail to Email, Web Hosting, Email Hosting, Cloud Back Up, Remote Desktop. Integrate these services into your business to increase your staff productivity and your customer's experience. 

Cable & Cloud will work with your business to ensure that your company is equipped with the communication tools it requires now and into the future.

  • Not every customer is the same, so we don’t treat you like a number. We like to analyse the numbers in your business to understand how you use your phone and internet services. This way we can recommend the products and services that will increase your businesses productivity, and give you true value for money. When you’re looking at our pricing, always remember we are flexible with our pricing when looking at your whole of service bill. We like to make sure you have a value for money solution that increases productivity in your business. What are some examples of how we are flexible on prices?

    • New hardware such as modems, routers, IP phones, cordless headsets, switches;
    • Installation fees and charges;
    • Monthly Access Fees and ongoing service charges;
    • Plan inclusions such as calls, data, or new hardware such as a modem; and
    • Call rates

    So, if you would like to discuss pricing, get in touch through our Contact Page and we will be happy to look at your circumstances.

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