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  • Not every customer is the same, so we don’t treat you like a number. We like to analyse the numbers in your business to understand how you use your phone and internet services. This way we can recommend the products and services that will increase your businesses productivity, and give you true value for money. When you’re looking at our pricing, always remember we are flexible with our pricing when looking at your whole of service bill. We like to make sure you have a value for money solution that increases productivity in your business. What are some examples of how we are flexible on prices?

    • New hardware such as modems, routers, IP phones, cordless headsets, switches;
    • Installation fees and charges;
    • Monthly Access Fees and ongoing service charges;
    • Plan inclusions such as calls, data, or new hardware such as a modem; and
    • Call rates

    So, if you would like to discuss pricing, get in touch through our Contact Page and we will be happy to look at your circumstances.



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