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Is $500 per month too much to pay for your business broadband internet?

Is $500 per month too much to pay for your business broadband internet?

That all depends on your perspective, I guess. If you are just looking at the dollars, maybe so. If you have a little sense and look beyond the dollar figure, you may actually see that paying $500 or more for you business broadband each month may actually save you money.

As technology changes how we do things in a business our need for bandwidth increases. There are many cloud based services now available that reduce costs and increase the productivity of staff.

Think about a service like Xero, reducing time in entering and reconciling transactions in your books. All this for just $50 a month. How much time would your bookkeeper have cost you to manually enter all of those bank transactions?

Have a look at your current on site PBX. As a guide, a new system for an office with 20 staff could cost you anywhere from $10k and up. A Hosted PBX with the same functionality might cost you as little as $4k.

For that on site PBX you may be spending $455 a month just on line rental for an ISDN 10, then you have calls on top of that. If you utilised SIP Trunks those same 10 lines could cost you as little as $100 a month plus calls.

There are some simple examples of costs to your business that could be reduced through having better broadband.

Here is a more telling example, recent studies conducted by the like of Sandisk (15 nations around the world) and OnePoll (UK) indicate staff lose on average 38 hours per year due to poor internet quality and speed.

Think about that figure for a second, 38 hours, that’s 1 week a year! So, do this calculation;

Office Staff Annual Salary multiplied by Number of Staff, divided by 52, divided by 12 = cost of poor internet each month

The average annual salary for an Office Administrator is $47,000 in Australia. Say you have 20 staff.

$47,000 x 20 = $940,000

$940,000 / 52 = $18,076

$18,076 / 12 = $1,506.41

That’s right, poor internet could cost your business $1,506.41 just in lost productivity.

Is $500.00, even $1000 a month looking expensive now?

Getting true business grade internet is one way of turning sense into dollar.

Want to know what internet service are available for your business, ask for a free service qualification check today.

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