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Don’t like paying for what you don’t use? Consider Scalability for Your Business Phones

Don’t like paying for what you don’t use? Consider Scalability for Your Business Phones

This week we visited a business in Sydney’s North West at Dural, to look at upgrading their phone and internet services. I could talk all day about their confused internal network, with what looked like adhoc cabling, but today I thought I would let you know something their finance officer homed in on, about the way we do business at Cable & Cloud.

With many phone companies out their contracting businesses to 24, 36, 48 or 60 month contracts for their new phone system, with a Cable & Cloud Hosted PBX service we do things a little different. Our Hosted PBX agreements are 1 month. Yep 1 month! The customer buys the hardware, which is up to 75% cheaper than a traditional phone system, and then they are on month by month agreements. Simple.

Ok so you are probably thinking what is the catch here right? No catch at all, with our Hosted PBX service it’s simple, we back our product and our support to keep our customers happy, so they don’t have a reason to leave.

That’s not what the finance officer found interesting though.


This business had a seasonal trade, in the peak season increasing their staff by over 50%. Their current phone system has 15 lines in the peak season so they can manage the inbound sales and support enquiries. The interesting thing is, it also has 15 lines in the low season too. They have 14 handsets, which during the low season aren’t all in use.

If this was your business would you accept this status quo? They were.

So, is there an alternative? There is with Cable & Cloud. As our Hosted PBX services are only on a 1 month agreement, we can provide a totally scalable solution. A business can scale up, or down, according to their needs. The business simply buys the hardware they need for the peak season, and then give us the notice of when they need to activate o deactivate their handsets, all of which would continue to operate on their Hosted PBX as they had been previously set up.

The benefit; the business only pays for the extensions in use, with a minimum of 1 month per handset extension. So, in the peak 6 months they may pay to use 20 handsets, but in the low season only pay for 10.

Now that’s got to help the bank balance and keep the finance officer happy right?

If you’d like to know more, Get in Touch to find out other great productivity benefits of a tailored Hosted PBX solution for businesses.

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